Products of Teaching


Products of Teaching

At this time there are only two items in Products of Teaching:

  1. An Intermediate Reading and Writing I Student Research Paper.This was produced by an average     but hard-working student.


  1. An Intermediate Speaking and Listening Final Presentation.  This includes both the student’s powerpoint presentation and her video.


Intermediate students will usually study in CELCIS for two more semesters before they are ready for admission to their academic coursework.


The CELCIS Assessment process may be significant in this section.  Every student must present a product in each course. Each product is evaluated by a committee that does not include the class instructor.  If the work is not satisfactory, the student’s grade will be lowered one-half grade.  Since our lowest passing grade is a 75% – C, this final product for every class is very important.


These are the products currently assessed in this way:

Speaking and Listening: Oral Presentation with a Powerpoint

Grammar:  5-paragraph Timed Essay.

Reading & Writing  – Timed Summary of Academic Reading

Reading & Writing Pre-Advanced & Advanced – Research Paper


Students in my classes usually produce satisfactory evaluations.

In the near future I hope to attach videos and pictures from my classrooms or workshops.

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