Judith Buchanan


Goal Procedure Progress
1.       Identify Focus: My Ideal Career

and Resources:

NorthStar2 RW(4th ed)  Units 1,3,5 and

MyEnglishLab (on-line r/w support of text)

What Color is Your Parachute, 2015, Bolles

(pg 101-179)

Percepolis, Satrapi  for Silent Sustained Reading

OWL (Purdue) APA guide

CELCIS Student Handbook & research guide.

* Study Objectives & do task analysis

with resources.

* Eliminate unrelated units.

* Design a 7-week plan for teaching

Int.RW1.  (see attached)



2.       Correlate CELCIS RW1 intermediate objectives with Resources


Integrate research paper writing with

Reading assignments.

Contact library for dates to bring sts.



3.       Design assessment tools that will demonstrate achievement of RW1 Int. goals Create tasks to show students’ ability in each goal area. (see attached) January


4.       Use Power Teaching whole-brain activities

to increase 100% participation and time on task in learner-centered activities.

–          Class/yes     (Intro 1st week)

–          Scoreboard (Intro 2nd week)

–          Teach!/OK!  (Intro 3rd week)

–          Switch           (Intro 4th week)

5.       Evaluate assignments, activities and my pedagogical methods for their effect on improving reading and writing and research paper writing. *  Check retention of previously

taught objectives: warm-up  paragr.

*  Check accuracy: MyEnglishLab

*  Elicit student feedback.  (survey)

6.       Motivate students to arrive early or on time  Use % time sign-in sheet (attached).

Calculate & record %s weekly.

7.       Improve communication of goals, assignments, progress etc. with students. * Increase use of e-learning site.

e-learning site for student access.


*Use MyEnglishLab for immediate

feedback of sts achievement.


* In classroom, speak more slowly,

provide written instructions,

demonstrate, check for

understanding & repeat questions.

8.       Introduce Sts to Silent Sustained Reading Daily silent reading w/ journaling On-going
9.       Guide students through the research-paper process that gives them both a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Students will write paragraphs each week related to their research topic.

They will use research and library tools and produce an APA style paper.

10.   Encourage Students to engage in helpful activities at WMU. 1.       Give extra credit for SET lab

2.       Take Sts to Career Fair

3.       Encourage Sts to sign up for Conversation circles

4.       Encourage Sts to attend  volunteer and cultural activities offered by CELCIS

11.   Collaborate with CELCIS teachers to improve teaching and learning. Communicate with all re RW1 etc On-going



Goal Procedure Progress
Focus professional self-development on EAP, TESOL, ESL etc. Expand reading to professional organizations & EAP in other universities. attended MITESOL
Increase CELCIS involvement


* Attend staff meetings & inservices.

* Seek expert input from experienced

CELCIS instructors.

* Engage in CELCIS student activities.

*  Volunteer for CELCIS committees.

Increase involvement with other areas of WMU * Take Part-Time WMU Learning 

   Commons course.

* Talk with Librarian re. RW1 visits.

* Attend WMU events – lectures, music

Manage time to balance personal and family commitments with professional responsibilities. Use computer and phone calendars for schedules.  Set personal checkpoints for deadlines. ongoing


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