Courses taught at WMU


CELCIS Classes Taught at WMU


In the CELCIS program there are three content areas for courses:

  • Speaking and Listening                (5 hours a week for 15 weeks)
  • Reading and Writing                     (10 hours a week for 7.5 weeks)
  • Grammar and Communication   (5 hours a week for 15 weeks)


Students are tested and then placed in one of the following levels:

  • pre-elementary
  • elementary
  • intermediate
  • pre-advanced
  • advanced

After students have passed all their classes on the advanced level they move into their academic degree work at WMU.  In their first year of their academic program students are supported by a reading-writing course (3600) or a speaking-listening course (3610)

The table below is a list of the courses I have taught for CELCIS.  You may see sample syllabi here.  You may use this link, Lesson plans, to view plans for the 7-week Reading-Writing 1 course (2 hours every M-F), including sample weekly and daily plans.


Course Level Year Semester
Speaking and Listening Advanced 2016 Fall 2016
Reading/Writing 1 & 2 Pre-Advanced 2015 Fall 2015
Speaking/Listening Intermediate 2015 Summer 2
Reading/Writing 1 Intermediate 2015 Spring
Speaking/Listening Intermediate 2014 Fall
Speaking/Listening Advanced 2014 Summer 1
Speaking/Listening Advanced 2014 Spring
Reading/Writing 1 Pre-Advanced 2014 Spring
Reading/Writing 2 Elementary 2013 Fall
Grammar/Communication Elementary 2013 Fall



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