Continued Learning and Sharing


The following section lists some of my affiliations, WMU committees, presentations and conferences.  My ultimate goal is to maintain the active quality of constant improvement rather than the stagnant and unobtainable quality of perfection.  The path of continual learning is actually the goal as we are dealing with a changing demographic in a rapidly changing world.


TESOL—Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

MITESOL Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

WISE World Innovation Summit for Education

ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

NCTE National Council of Teachers of English

CaMLA – Preparation for administering speaking tests


CELCIS Technology Committee — voting member

CELCIS Assessment Committee – Co-Chair

CELCIS Technology Committee – Lab Facilitator, voting member

CELCIS Curriculum committee – ad hoc, non-voting member

CELCIS Library committee – ad hoc member, working/not voting

WMU PIO – voting member, ex officio liaison for CELCIS

WMU – Everyone Counts Diversity Learning Community

WMU/CELCIS other duties:

SET Lab Facilitator, 2015-present

TOEFL iBT Test Administrator, December 2014-present

Orientation, Placement Testing Administrator 2015

CELCIS Orientation volunteer, January 2014

Part-time Instructors Organization (PIO) Representative for CELCIS, volunteer since 2013


Assertion Evidence Presentations, SET Lab, November 2016

Making Effective Powerpoints, SET Lab, October 2016

Assessing pronunciation using the Color Vowel Chart:  It’s as easy as Red, White and Blue.  MITESOL Conference, October 2015  (105-min. Workshop)

The Secrets of English Pronunciation: Workshop for Japanese Students from Hitoshibashi University, Sept. 2015

Using the Color Vowel Chart to promote phonemic and stress-pattern awareness, CELCIS staff, Spring 2015

Getting Started with the Color Vowel Chart. Presentation for Japanese Teachers, Feb. 2015

Grammar: Flipping the grammar classroom*

Bing-Bang-Bong 5-paragraph essay*

Reading/Writing:  Making every minute count: TOEFL-type speaking practice*

Essay starter warm-up*

Speaking/Listening: Presentations on presentation techniques; A usable Presentation Rubric*

* = micro-presentations at level/course meetings of CELCIS faculty, 2013-2014


E-Teaching Endorsement, Fall 2016. Certificate

MITESOL, MSU, October 2015, presenter

Part-Time Instructors Teaching and Learning Commons, February-August 2015

2015 NGL | MSU Learning Symposium, April 2015

WMU Cool Tools: Google Aps in Education, March 2015

WMU Cool Tools: Gaming the Classroom, March 2015

Campus Safety, February 2015

TOEFL Test Administrator Training, December 2014

MITESOL Conference, GVSU, 2014

WMU Cool Tools:  Getting the Most out of the D2L Gradebook, May 2014

WMU Cool Tools:  Effective Board Work, May 2014

WMU Cool Tools:  Addressing Academic and Cultural Needs of Iraqi Students, May 2014

WMU Cool Tools:  Classroom Management in Working with International Students, May 2014

WMU Cool Tools:  Language Emergencies: Where to Put Out the Fires, May 2014

Internationalizing the Curriculum, WMU, April 2014

Assessment in Action, WMU, March 2014

Mitesol, MSU, 2013

Exploring ICT in Education Conference, Qatar, 2013

iLearn (International Education and Resource Network), Doha, Qatar, 2013

WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education), Doha, Qatar, 2012

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