Welcome to this portfolio.  I hope you will have no trouble navigating the sections.  You may use the menu on the left side of the site or, hopefully, the links within each section.

My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning is the first page because this influences everything I do as an educator.  Following the philosophy are pieces of supportive evidence.

For evidence that I have gathered myself you may see a list of courses that I have taught at WMU with sample syllabi for each type of course I have taught at CELCIS.  In addition, you may want to see sample plans for a day, week, or semester.

I have also listed my goals and some effective practices that I have introduced to CELCIS.

Evidence from others includes evaluations from students and from the director of CELCIS.  In addition, there is a note from a student that he sent to the PIO for a contest.  An example of my teaching being applied is shown in a lesson plan from a Japanese teacher who was in my workshop on the Color Vowel Chart.

There are two entries in my Products of Teaching section.  More will follow when I add videos from my classes and workshops.

In the final section I hoped to document my enthusiasm for continued learning and sharing what I have learned.  There you may find a list of my affiliations, committees and workshops.  My hybrid CV- Resume is at the end of this document after a little poem that reminds me how valuable and valued each learner is who comes into my classroom.

I hope you will enjoy this little work-in-progress.

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